Conspiracy Theories and Black Culture
Conspiracy Theories and Black Culture

Conspiracy Theories and Black Culture

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Conspiracy Theories and Black Culture

We are currently living in a bit of a “1984” reality, mixed with “Brave New World”. It’s kind of bizarre! So in 1999, there was a slew of concise and consistent “conspiracy theories” going around with these new terms added to our lexicon. Globalization lead by global organizations were new at the time, as was the plans for shaping a global systems of commerce, governance, tracking and control. Such systems were previously national. These global economic groups were too new for most to believable their nefarious plans for such a global power grab. The term globalization had very different connotations back then. The media machine has managed to clean it up quite a bit from the old days when Monsanto was relentlessly suing the pants off of Percy Schmeiser, the lone Canadian, organic farmer who stood up to him, making a new carrier of getting sued for terminator seeds that blew onto him farm. I had a chance to share a meal with Mr. Schmeiser in Powell River, BC. back in those days. He would have been considered a renegade conspiracy theorist. 

My first dip down the rabbit hole was with a document called “A Blueprint For A New American Century”, penned in 1998 with a bunch of signatures on it, like Bush Sr. Rumsfeld, Cheney, and a few others. To paraphrase, the document clearly stated that the US was noted as the world dominant, economic and military superpower of the time and that it would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity to establish global dominance, securing absolute global reach, influence and control. The document also noted the need to invent a reason for “preemptive” striking wars. This crazy and immoral notion was conceived of in this paper. To be able to start a war without a real cause and strike first with justification. This was also the first notion of perpetual war for perpetual peace. It was becoming crystal clear to us observing, that war is primarily regarded as an industry. This was all before drones, 911, the Patriot Act, and legalized spying on a government’s own citizens. These tactics were unheard of back then unless totally covert. In this same period, 1998 -1999, there was also much talk about plans and documents regarding “Agenda 2020” This was the year this system of global governance was to be in place by. 

There was one particular conspiracy theory of the time that was just too much for me to swallow. This was a theory that was so ridiculous, I couldn’t imagine it to be even remotely true and it was the hardest one to hear. Not one you want to repeat. But I do remember and am now seeing the unsaid unfolding in the recesses of media and policy. Visible to those with piercing gazes. The push to legalize pedophilic rights sounded ridiculous to my fresh ears, pre-millennium. I almost threw up in my mouth and found it impossible to believe this was conceivable. Today this is being lobbied hard and quietly. They have their own flag and “letter”, not that I know what it is. I don’t need to remember that passing detail.  With today’s unapologetic observation, I would also venture to say that there are many politicians who placed in their positions, would quietly be in agreement with and vote for such bills should they happen to come up. By now they are placed and postured in this direction unbeknownst to the general public that they are charged to protect and serve. This or they wouldn’t be there. You would think that a black middle aged woman would automatically be repulsed by this notion and vote any such bill down without hesitation. Ask the newly appointed judge her views on this issue, in a very direct, straightforward manner… You just may be very surprised at the answer.

Black people, culture and stars have been used to as marketing tools to push agendas increasingly in the last over the last few decades. Marketers are aware that Black culture sets trends like no other and Influences the globe. This is hugely significant and like cotton and farming practices, expected to be free and appropriated at will. Exploited for the maximum amount of intellectual and creative “property”. It amazes me how this can be done with coy acknowledgment of how entertaining one is being to distract from the rape of chi. For leaching beings with a blueprint for an energy trap setup, this was a physical and emotional wonder to behold. A prize in that what was on display was what needed to be killed in order to permanently gain access to chi and for 7 generations to come. 

Our marketing industries resonate vampirically as they align with a larger programming model. With the legacy of Edward Bernays and his Freudian take over of the global, marketing industry via emotional, mass programming. The creative, spiritual essence of the Black culture was targeted and harvested to emotional exhaustion.  New integration of this passive pressure shapes and dictates spiritual postures “allowed” to guide mainstream culture.

The focus of spiritual rape for emotional food is undeniably focus of New World Order Cultures.  No longer can I process gaslighting coming before me or us. No more processed food. I am not mad nor projecting guilt. Just no longer pretend for social graces. Last week, for a few days, I felt trapped in perpetual scenes from the movie “Get Out”. However, I am not pretending to be above or alone. We’ve always been in the one same camp. Genetic cousins we are. More so than a group of 60 Chimps. Served up a devious game of divide and concur and look who took the bait. 

One served bait on sliver and the other bait served hot, cupped in cold hands. Imagine the very occasional switch up in service. Just for kicks. To a misguided few, the whole lot are fodder. Some are just the last to know. 

Know that silver is shiny!  I know that our beating light comes from inside. Warmth

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