Alternative History

Alternative History

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Forbidden Archeology 

Archeology that is unexplained or does not fit the darwinian, historic timeline and model. These items are often buried or lost but are rarely discussed. 

Today it is very obvious that Darwin’s theory is untrue, unscientific and is a eugenics modeling construct. Yet this theory was still being taught in prep schools and universities in the 1990’s. It’s crazy to think that Darwin is still largely accepted by the mainstream today. Darwin himself had doubts about his own theory, From the onset numerous, credible scientists debunked this theory over and over throughout the years and finally DNA evidence completely obliterated his theory in 1988, when we discovered “Mitochondria Eve”. Still intellectuals insisted that our civilization was only 6000 years old and that the pyramids were just under 5000 years old. That was until challenged by the geologist Robert Shock, the anthropologist Graham Handcock and the egyptologist Robert Bauval. For a decade these three expansive thinkers were discredited, disrespected, dismissed and almost lost their careers challenging that date of Egyptian monuments, placing them beyond 12000 years old. The truth finally became too hard to ignore.

It has been very obvious to me that the head of the Sphinx is out of proportion and is too small for the body of the lion that it is on. My own research lead me to believe that it was obviously once a full lion. Since this a culture has far more astrological knowledge than we do, I thought it safe to assume that western analysis would miss the fundamental foundation of this natural law. Those tapped into genetic memory recognized a good chance it was built in the last astrological age of Leo. That was 30 000 years ago by my estimates. Graham Handcock agrees with this assessment.

I have had a strong intuition with a significant background with telepathy and multidimensional observations.  My genetic memory is both long and strong. My research is often guided by my intuition which I consider subjective until discovering evidence to confirm or refute my theory. Another component is striving for objectivity in attempting all research from as many different perspectives as possible. I was asked to develop this course by “Out School” but have been very hesitant to extend the offer of this it until recently.

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Bellow is a selection of reference video’s about alternative African history 

This man’s memory and study our true communal history restarted this vital field of study