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Leah Cim
Intuitive Anthropology – Intuitive Psychology

A Portal for Mental Health 


Serve as a portal of spiritual and emotional healing, facilitating the sharing of information, collaboration and communion, in service to the integration of our higher-selves.

Leah Cim is a Beta project. At this stage we welcome input, collaboration and support


Founder Leah Cim

Is a life-long artist. First appearing on stage of one of the last remaining Pantages Theatres at the age of five and began performing Afro-Cuban dance at the age of 15. A media analyst and media maker, she worked in and around Hollywood for much of her carrier as a union actress and animatronic puppeteer. Holding degrees in Alternative Economics and Fine Arts, she also has extensive multi-disciplinary dance training, beginning in ballet at age 4. A member of Winnipeg film group she shot her first film and with her first exposure to editing on a Steenbeck at age of 17. Leah Cim is a union actress, sketch comedian, life coach, researcher and educator. More recently a passion for performance aimed at generating authentic ritual within high art venues. Her community passion is sharing the gift of genetic memory as we recreate a world of our making and healing.


Collaborating in shifting from a world of fear to a life of love

I contribute my sensory superpowers, simply to being able to remember infancy. Yes, as in visceral memories of being able to stand but not to walk. The memories stayed. Before the age of one, I knew where and what the dictionary was. In that small world, I was also very cognoscente of the fact that even if I knew every single word in that dictionary, it would not be enough to replace the type of communication I had to let go of in order to talk to big people. One’s first brutal realization. If we could remember, most questions would not be questions.

Our genetic memory is more packed and more powerful than we can imagine. I believe that all of the noise in our society is designed to dampen these inclinations. We have the power to bring our selves back to ourselves. No one can dictate that but ourselves. Knowing one’s self is key.

Leah Cim