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Last year the New York Times featured an article about the increase of mental illness and social anxiety related medications in the US since the pandemic. What has also been starkly noted is the uptake in suicides, overdoses and domestic violence. Gone are the days when people would talk to elders, community or family members. In those days the notion of paying to talk to a stranger who does not even know you was a laughable, ridiculous thought. Today’s mass feelings of mass isolation leave most unable to even afford the time or money to talk to a stranger about our stresses. This is a greater community issue that requires a greater community response. Circles allow access to a facilitator that raises current issues that are under processed and from perspectives that are underrepresented. More importantly it gives one access to a community of like- minded souls with similar experiences. That reflection alone abates feeling of isolation and opens up room to communicate with others. To be seen and to learn by considering other perspectives. Perspective is a necessary component of emotional processing. Addressing the urge to isolate with healthy avenues to communicate.

Men’s Circles:  It is often discussed how women are adversely affected by our patriarchal system. It is not often discussed how men are adversely affected by our patriarchal systems. So much to say on that. I am happy to support this opening.

Women’s Circles: 

Healing Circles: 

Examples of Topics

  • What is Help?
  • What is An Apology?
  • Addressing Constructive Conflict
  • Holding Different Perspectives With Love
  • Boundaries & saying “NO”
  • Identifying Triggers & Rewriting Responses
  • Addressing Narssistictic Traits in & Family Friends
  • Inner Child & Freedom of Expression
  • Family & Community Support
  • Self-Sufficiency & Self Employment
  • Recognizing & Conserving Energy
  • Shadow Work & Addressing Obstacles 
  • Housing & the Family Unit
  • Cleansing & Detoxing – Food, Electronic, Media, Fear
  • The Essential Window Garden
  • Black Love & Self Education
  • The New World Order or Our World Order – Quelling the System
  • Alternative History – We go much farther back then 6000 years!

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August 2023

This first series will be focused on and limited to Black and Native Women.

More to come soon…