Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy

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 Bring Your Shit To The Stage

Drama Therapy


This is a traditional improvisation class with a portion of the class leaving room for participants to address real life emotional scenarios, conflicts, concerns by outlining a personal scene from at least two different perspectives. Players will then be invited to “work” the scene on stage, giving improvised options on how emotions and reactions in the scenario can be addressed in different and healthier ways.

Classic theater sports and improv games that explores challenging communication, characterization and reaction.   Learn the basics of improv, process and play! 

Components * Vocalization, Breathwork, Movement, Grounding
Fundamentals * Emotion, Motivation, Reaction 

At a time when there is no time for therapy, in a society that is permanently poised for social shaming, this stage aims to both help and heal frustrated psyches and suppressed emotions.

Facilitator: Leah Cim  * Life Coach * Hollywood Actress * Sketch Comedian

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