Colloidal Gold

Colloidal Gold

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Colloidal Gold

Colloidal Gold

Concentration * 100 ppm

$125 Promo sale * $100.00

Colloidal Gold

Concentration * 200 ppm

$250 Promo sale * $200.00

Product Description

16 Oz – monoatomic particles suspended in natural spring water.

100ppm and 200ppm consentrations.

The Benefits of Colloidal Gold. Monoatomic Gold – sometimes referred to as “colloidal gold”  is a suspension consisting of sub-micron gold nanoparticles suspended within a solvent, most often water.

Among the first we find the Egyptians, who used it to purify body, mind and spirit. For this purpose, alchemical gold was used, which was able to act in a beneficial way on many diseases. It was in fact considered an elixir of life.

Colloidal gold has anti-inflammatory powers to alleviate pain and swelling among those with arthritis and bursitis. It has also shown promise for rejuvenating glandular systems to provide anti-aging, higher IQ, and pineal gland enhancing possibilities.

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