Healing Circles

Healing Circles

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Healing Circles 

The past few years has seen a lot of separation, loss, division, and depression for many people. Our differences are minute in comparison to our similarities and are being played and triggered instead of celebrated. The emotional lessons that we must all learn in life are more challenging if disconnected from family or isolated from friends. Without a knowing or objective ear to bounce out thoughts off of they can spoon in our heads making quicksand of emotional processing. A lot of people I encounter seem to be feeling unresolved guilt.  I am hearing and seeing consistent racial guilt, sexual guilt and social guilt yet it is only talked about in whispers with little independent resolution. I believe that sinking into and feeling all of my feelings is the best for learning, as long as I don’t stay in painful or triggering emotions. Directly addressing triggers in a safe environment is often the most effective way to consciously  direct those triggers.

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These circles are open to all demographics and aim to bring community together to heal our programing, trauma, differences, misunderstandings and triggers. Only though interacting with humanity on a heart and soul level can we return to humanity. Healing Circles are open to people interested in healing, growth, community and empathy. This circle is not demographic specific. Just heart specific.

June  *  Wednesdays 7-9pm  *  Zoom, Room

July  *  Saturdays 12-2pm  *  Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA

August  *  Wednesdays 7-9pm  Zoom, Room

September  *  Wednesdays 7-9pm  Vancouver, BC

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This Series Coming Autumn 2023

Topics will be generated from the needs and interests of the group.  Membership is required. All members agree to…

  • Allow others to speak
  • Speak freely without putting others down or attacking
  • Have a goal of seeing multiple perspectives
  • Express & engage honestly
  • Come from a place or goal of compassion    

Any participant who is not in the mental or emotional space to sit in the above posture will removed from the group immediately. In this case a private or chosen group session is encouraged instead.

The Value of Circles

Last year the New York Times featured an article about the increase of mental illness and social anxiety related medications in the US since the pandemic. What has also been starkly noted is the uptake in suicides, overdoses and domestic violence. Gone are the days when people would talk to elders, community or family members. In those days the notion of paying to talk to a stranger who does not even know you was a laughable, ridiculous thought. Today’s mass feelings of mass isolation leave most unable to even afford the time or money to talk to a stranger about our stresses. This is a greater community issue that requires a greater community response. Circles allow access to a facilitator that raises current issues that are under processed and from perspectives that are underrepresented. More importantly it gives one access to a community of like- minded souls with similar experiences. That reflection alone abates feeling of isolation and opens up room to communicate with others. To be seen and to learn by considering other perspectives as perspective is a necessary component of emotional processing. Circles immediately addresses the urge to isolate with healthy avenues to communicate.