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Home Schooling

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Self study is becoming more and more challenging. Even if one is self motivated, our sources have become so centralized that is getting harder to access multiple perspectives. Most of my internet research was done when it was new and unregulated. Even with that it was not a solely reliable source. I got a lot from smaller, community news papers and thought based magazines. Healthy libraries are essential. Travel has also become a key tool. With both of those institutions and industries undergoing massive change right now, I advise that we actively collect and protect knowledge by sharing it. Though the internet has morphed into a very different animal it has given us the gift of connectivity. We can have someone take us for a walk around the Colosseum in Rome and we can root out the most treasured landscape in our backyard and do the same for others. The act itself may just inspire us to learn even more about ourselves and our own surroundings, in tandem, as we broaden our perspectives in learning about others.

Family research projects are an amazing way to learn and bond!

I can help design a research project for you, your child or your family. We design a system of approach on a research subject. Regular check ins.

If you are unsure of your lineage and are not into 23andMe, I can help you tap into your own genetic memory, to uncover those buried threads still expressing themselves today. The process is a bit like feeling the slight buzz of a buried power line or the jolt one gets from dousing for water. The more one practices the more one becomes sensitive to this voice.

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