Intuition Building

Intuition Building

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Intuition Can Be Exercised & Strengthened Just Like Any Other Muscle!

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are all born with a consciousness that senses, feels, emotes, and expresses on a spiritual level. From birth, our own “gut feelings” inform us of right from wrong. Those initial understandings are now under layers of constructed, social programming. Some of this programming follows natural laws but much of it does not.

Clearly identify social programs and know the difference between the inner voice of the higher self and the critical voice of socially constructed expectations. This level of self awareness is vital in navigating through an increasingly complex world.

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This is a 4 week class – 2 hrs. week.

  • Identifying Energies: Earth,  Cosmic, Ancestral, Multidimensional, Higher Self, Vampire Energies. Projection & Protection
  • Chakra & Astral Clearing: Meditation practice designed to, clearing, connect to the astral plane
  • Aura Viewing:  See auras in 1 week! Fun and Easy
  • Remote Viewing – Stanford / CIA study in transferring of consciousness to a different geolocation. Trained with David Morehouse