Programming & Self-Reprogramming

Programming & Self-Reprogramming

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Westernization Breeds Sociopathic Tendencies

Privilege Leaves One Ignorant

We are finally at a point in society where programming is commonly recognized in mainstream society. What use to be mundane information is now regarded for what it truly is… A continuous, non-stop, bombardment of messaging through all forms of media hitting all of the senses. From billboards to TV, a passing radio signal, even our own clothes, shoes and hats. On top of this consumeristic layer is the passive aggressive, social pressure of societal norms.

Social programming is at its most refined & most intense right now

With mass awareness and acceptance of social programming in our society, we are finally poised to look at how we ourselves are programmed and thus inadvertently feeding the very programming that we protest.


This is a 4 week class – 2 hrs. week.

  • We will look and the basic elements of social programming. 
  • Make an analyst  of current media and social programming.
  • Look at how different groups and demographics are separated by programming. 
  • Analyze how we ourselves are programmed and what the effects are. 
  • Develop a conscious personal re-program 

My basic premise is that westernization is breeding sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies. I believe that all westerners have significant mal-traits. To be unaware or in denial of them is simply, obviously and clearly dangerous. My stance is that if one is not willing to look at their own programming, then one is a mother f@&$r!

Bullies do not perceive the willful ignorance that matches their privilege.

I’ve been studying manifestation all of my life. I started researching the roots of sociopathic tendencies 15 years ago. I have taught this workshop internationally for 5 years and have been teaching Programming,  Improv, Intuition Building & Alternative History. 


I am launching my first book about social programming entitled…

Launching July, 4th, 2023

Available for pre-order on Amazon