Women’s Circles

Women’s Circles

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Women’s Circles

As women we are all being pressured to accept a new definition of what a woman is fundamental science is being turned into “fake news”. Young women of color in addition to the naivety of age feel as though they have an extra responsibility to be an example of acceptance in today’s world of polarizing media. In so doing they are missing the dismantling of very real laws regarding women’s general safety, women’s health and healthcare, as well as women’s distinction and designation. Laws and scientific definitions are being changed under our noses as biological men start to claim women’s sports, woman of the year and even access to rape in a women’s jail.

  • Cleansing & Detoxing – Food, Electronic, Media, Fear
  • Holding on to Spirit & Freedom of Expression
  • Black Love, White Forgiveness, Asian Visibility   
  • Self Love, Self Education
  • Boundaries & Saying “No”
  • What is Help? What is An Apology?
  • Addressing Constructive Conflict & The Lost Art of Debate
  • Holding Different Perspectives With love
  • Social Programming & How We Ourselves Are Programmed
  • Conscious Self-Reprogramming
  • Self-Sufficiency & Self Employment
  • Social & FamilyBullying
  • Narcissistic & Sociopathic Traits In Family & Friends
  • The New World Order or Our World Order – Quelling the System – Together
  • Alternative History – We go so much farther back then 6000 years

August 2023 Oakland CA Dusk Coffee – In Person & Zoom

Sunday’s 2pm – 4pm

This first series will be focused on and limited to Black and Native Women.

More to come soon… 

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